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Evan Wimpey is an analytics professional and stand-up comedian. Yes, dreams really do come true! With a background in statistics and economics, Evan has spent years analyzing data and delivering statistical models. Since the topic can be quite dry and technical, Evan has realized that humor is often the most effective way to make analytics more accessible...or at least the most fun way. He performs data science comedy at conferences and events around the world. With his book, Predictable Jokes, Evan hopes to continue sharing laughs and making analytics available to all. Evan is open to any kind of event - including:

Conferences Set your conference apart with a hilarious keynote, entertaining happy-hour, or anything in between.

Team Events Tailored comedy specific to your data folks. Treat your team to some unique comedy, from someone that really gets them.

Universities What better way to retain tough data concepts...than humor!

Baseball Games Evan can do play-by-play or color commentary.

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Date:July 2024

Location: North Carolina

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Who would have thought humor and data science go hand in hand? Well, look no further cause Evan Wimpey is THE data science comedian! He not only provides an educational and fun comedy routine but also tailors it toward your specific target audience! If you're into data and need a good laugh, Evan's show is a must-see!

Susan Chen

Academic Program Manager, Institute for Advanced Analytics

Evan was the featured comedian for nearly 400 people from over 30 countries at our international forecasting conference. The audience loved his routine because his jokes were specific to forecasting topics such as trends and seasonalities.

Matthew Schneider

Program Chair, International Symposium of Forecasting

Evan was eager to customize the show to work with my specific audience. Loved the faces of students hearing a few insider jokes!

Cherie Fu

Associate Director, Wake Forest MSBA

Evan Wimpey is the data comedian that you didn’t know you needed! Evan combines his wit and analytical knowledge to deliver humor that is sure to have your data analytics audiences laughing (or at least groaning!) at his humorous take on being a data professional. Book him now for some good nerdy fun for your university events, conferences, or business meetings.

Dr. Sarah Egan Warren

Assistant Teaching Professor, North Carolina State University

Enjoy these data science jokes that are sure to make you chuckle, but please note that as a language model, I don't hold personal opinions.


Large Language Model

Very witty and entertaining. I highly recommend it!

Nic Herndon

ECU Computer Science Graduate Program Director

Evan Wimpey was wonderful (and fun!) to work with both in the lead up to and during our 2024 Analytics Conference. He helped to introduce the plenary speakers for both days of our event and structured his content to the unique interests of our audience. Our attendees thoroughly enjoyed his addition to our conference lineup and I highly recommend including him in your upcoming events or conferences!

Ashley Kilgore

INFORMS Communication Manager


Interested in making your data event more enjoyable? Want to bring some laughs to the office? Need someone to explain one of the jokes in the book? Reach out!

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